Monterrey has two soccer (football) teams in the Mexican league: the Club de Futbol Monterrey, known as the Rayados, and the UANL Tigres, the team of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

The Rayados play in the EstadioTecnológico, a facility owned by the ITESM and rented to the team. The Tigres’ home ground is the EstadioUniversitario located at the main campus of the UANL.

The Mexican league runs from August to December and from January to May with matches taking place in the evenings and weekends. A ticket cost range is $150 – $500 pesos and they can be bought from either the stadium or from any TicketMaster sales point.


Indoor soccer, or FutbolRápido, is also increasingly popular. Monterrey La Raza is the only Mexican team in the Major Indoor Soccer League. La Raza plays in the Arena Monterreyand the season runs from November to May.


Baseball has a long history in the city, where it became the most popular sport during the early 20th century. Monterrey has been champion of the Little League World Series three times (1957, 1958, and 1997) and it has been a host of the U.S. Major League Baseball games. The Sultanes de Monterrey frequently perform well in the Mexican Baseball Leagues. The Sultanes play in the Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey, which is the largest baseball stadium in Mexico.


Monterrey has two professional basketball teams: FuerzaRegia, which plays in the Mexican League, and the Monterrey Veneno, which plays in the American Basketball Association. FuerzaRegia plays in the Area  Monterrey, while the Monterrey Veneno plays at the gymnasiums of the ITESM.


American football if well represented nationwide, with two college local tams, the AuténticoTigres (UANL) and the Borregos (ITESM) that play in the National College League (ONEFA). Their games attract thousands, although the spectators are mainly students. A vast number of youngsters ages 5 to 15 practice this sport during summer and fall.


Jogging is a very popular way to keep fit; some parts of San Pedro are packed with joggers every morning. There are a number of top-level gyms, including the Sports City and Sports World. However, the membership and particularly the enrollment fees are extremely expensive. Other gyms, with more reasonable plans, are Bally’s and Super Fitness Damas (for women only).

There are excellent golf and tennis clubs although for the most part they are very private and very expensive. For most, access is limited and you need an invitation from a member. Perhaps the only exceptions are the Club de Golf – Hacienda el Mirador and the Centro Tenístico de Nuevo León. Some of the best clubs are: Club Hípico la Silla (equestrian), ChipinqueRaquet Club, Club de Golf Valle Alto, La Herradura, Club Campestre, Club Industrial, and the DeportiveAlpinoChipinque.


Monterrey boasts an impressive number of high-quality, modern cinemas. Tickets are comparatively cheaper than in the in U.S.: standard theater prices are around $50 pesos. Both Cinepolis and Cinemex offer $44 pesos tickets on Wednesdays.

A popular concept is the VIP Cinema. Available at Cinepolis and Cinemex, the VIP experience costs are between $80 – $120 pesos per person. There are large leather reclining chairs, an extensive menu, and a waiter service from within the movie theater. The Cinepolis complex at Valle Oriente and Galerías Monterrey also feature an IMAX theater.

Movie listings can be found in the local newspaper, El Norte, or on the individual websites. Most movies are in English with Spanish subtitles but be sure to check. A subtitled movie will have the world subtituladoenespañol after the title, whereas a movie dubbed into Spanish should show doblado al español.



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