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Employment on the Local Economy, Home-Based Business Requirements, and Teleworking for EFMs and MOHs

Last week a new Management Policy was released on the subject mentioned above. The full text is available in the EFM Employment section on our SharePoint, as well as in the HR office.


GEI Employment Leads – Teacher Positions

This morning, we received a few leads for teacher positions in Monterrey from our GEI Advisor (thank you, Claudia!). If you’re interested, you can upload your resume and apply online. Please visit the following links for more info:

EFM Employment Resources and Vacancies

Home-Based Businesses & Self-Employment Workshop DVC
On Tuesday, May 26, GEI is conducting a workshop on the topic listed above. The workshop will be available via DVC but RSVP is required. Please contact your CLO as soon as possible if you’re interested in attending.

Hard-to-Fill Professional Associates Program
The Department has just released the details and information on the annual Hard-to-Fill (HTF)/Professional Associates Program. U.S. citizen Eligible Family Members (EFMs) as well as eligible U.S. Department of State Civil Service employees may apply. Applications must be received by close of business on May 29, 2015. The HTF positions are mid-level Foreign Service jobs that receive three or fewer bids from at-grade and in-cone bidders. This program is different from the Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP). Information can be found on FLO’s website.

DC-Area Global Employment Advisor Vacancy Announcement
FLO, through its contract with ATSG, is recruiting a work-from-home, Global Employment Advisor (GEA) for the DC area. This contract position will be 24 hours per week and will assist family members with the exploration of employment and professional development options when they return to the area and before they go overseas. The full job description with instructions for how to apply can be found on the ATSG website. For more information on the Global Employment Initiative (GEI), visit FLO’s GEI webpage. Applications due by COB May 29, 2015.

FLO Employment Opportunity

Program Specialist (Communications and Outreach), Family Liaison Office M/DGHR/FLO), GS-301-09, full time, two-year limited appointment, with potential to be extended up to a maximum of five years, Excepted Service, Schedule A. This appointment is not in the Competitive Service. The selected candidate will receive a two-year Non-Career term appointment with benefits (FERS, TSP, FEGLI and FEHB). The application deadline for this position is May 28, 2015. More info:

EFM Employment

Please note that currently we have three vacancies for EFM positions. For any questions about these positions, please contact HR or CLO.

EFM Employment Opportunity

Today HR released an amended vacancy announcement for the INL Outreach Coordinator. Please contact your CLO or HR for more details.

EFM Contracting Opportunity

DS is seeking qualified candidates to conduct background investigations as an independent contract special investigator. Please note that the investigator job is not limited to just our post but can be found in many other missions. For more information, visit our SharePoint’s Announcement section or contact your CLO.

Note: this opportunity is different and separate from the EFM vacancy announcement posted on April 17.

EFM Vacancy Announcement

Yesterday HR released a vacancy announcement for an investigative assistant. The vacancy is open until filled. Please contact your HR or CLO for more details.

GEI DVC on Family Member Employment – today at 11:00

Today GEI Mexico is conducting a DVC on EFM employment options. After the DVC, EFMs will have a chance to review the notes and GEI materials, which will be posted on our SharePoint. These materials include the following:

1. Working opportunities in Mexico
2. How to get started with Passport Career
3. International development websites for job search
4. Ideas for self-employment
5. Interagency family employment guide
6. Useful link for job search

FLO Global Webinar: CA-AEFM Adjudicator Pilot Program on April 8, 2015

Join FLO and CA Bureau for an informational webinar for family members interested in the Consular Affairs CA-AEFM Adjudicator program. Webinar topics will include an update on the program’s development since its inception in June 2014, information about the application and certification process, an update on the worldwide implementation, and a Q&A session. For POC and RSVP details, please contact your CLO or visit our SharePoint.

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